About Us

Who We Are

Quality Logging was established in 1980 in Midland Texas by the Simmons family having had a presence in the Permian Basin geological well logging industry since 1956.  Originally called mudlogging due to gathering samples from the fluids that were returned from the formations the industry has evolved to be much more than the original concept.  Quality Logging has been at the forefront of the logging industry bringing new innovations to help define the geological well logging industry.  As one of the first companies to move to the digital age Quality started using computers in the early 1980’s and has been at the forefront with software and data gathering technology.

Safety First

Quality Logging Inc. is a safety oriented company with a full time safety manager who stays abreast of all federal, state, and local rules that apply to the mudlogging business.  We are diligent about making sure that all of our logging units and personnel are supplied the proper safety equipment and training.
Quality is a proud member of the West Texas Safety Training Center which supplies all of our training services for the Permian Basin.  For those companies that are members of national safety organizations Quality is a member in good standing of ISN and PEC/Premier

Quality requires each of it’s employees to complete H2S training on a yearly basis and Safeland training before they are allowed to go on your location.
Quality provides each employee with a personal H2S monitor.
Quality requires each employee to have FRC uniforms as required by OSHA.
Quality equips each trailer with a emergency escape pack, ear plugs, and safety glasses.

  1. Safeland USA Certified
    Safeland USA Certified
  2. PEC Certified
    PEC Certified
  3. ISNET World Certified
    ISNET World Certified



Aarne Hamalainen
Aarne Hamalainen, Geosteering Advisor, joined the team in 2003 as a field geologist working throughout West Texas and SE New Mexico. In 2008 he left Quality and joined EOG as an Operations Geologist II, where he worked on hundreds of conventional and unconventional wells in the Delaware and Permian Basins. In addition to geosteering, he played a part in each project from the permitting process to post-well analysis and data quality control. In 2016, he rejoined Quality to oversee the geosteering department. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from the University of British Columbia.


Richard Martin
Richard Martin, Chief Executive Officer, joined the team in 2012 as an Operations Manager. His more than 25 years in management allowed him to effectively command a team of loggers, riggers, and service technicians, to perform beyond clients’ expectations. In 2014 he became Vice President of Operations, where he not only devoted his time to managing the operations team, but immersed himself in sales to get a better understanding of the clients’ needs. In 2017, due to his success and proven track record, he quickly moved into the position of CEO where he now commands a staff of dedicated and hard-working team members ready to solve our clients’ needs. He is a member of the West Texas Geological Society, and DOT HazMat, H2S, BOP and Safeland certified.


Chad Stephens
Chad Stephens, VP of Operations, joined the team in 2005. He has more than 20 years management experience in the oil & gas industry focused within the Permian Basin, North Texas, South Texas, East Texas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma. He is responsible for the daily operations of site staff activities ensuring an efficient, cost effective, and safe work environment. He is well versed in sales, client relations, and technical support which enables him to quickly resolve any problems that may arise and to serve the client’s needs. He is a member of the West Texas Geological Society, DOT Hazmat Certified, H2S, BOP, and Safeland certified